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Fussy Eater Tips

Is your dog a fussy eater? 🐶


Have you provided an endless stream of meals and all you’ve been met with is blank stares and disappointment? 🥺


Well don’t fear, Wolfit is here to help! 🙌


Wolfit meals have converted more fussy eaters than we can count. 🐕


Try some of these serving methods below and they will be wolfing their meals down like pros in no time! 🏆


Wolfit by name, wolf it by nature! ⭐️


🍲 Gently Cooked: Gently cook their Wolfit meal following the instructions on the pack. Simply place the defrosted meal pouch in simmering water for 3-5 mins, open, allow to cool and serve. It usually does the trick for even the most fussy ones, a warm Wolfit meal is downright irresistible!


❄️ Frozen Delight: Slice a frozen or semi-frozen meal pouch down the middle and squeeze the food out and serve. Many dogs love eating Wolfit meals this way, it must be like a meaty ice-pole for them! It’s also beneficial for their teeth too.


Takeaway & Re-serve: Serve their meal and if they don’t eat it, place it back in the fridge. After 15 mins, re-serve the meal. Repeat this process until they decide to start eating. Sometimes dogs need to know there are no other food options in order to give it a fair go.


🔁 Mix It Up: Mix in some of their favourite treats into their meals such as our healthy Wolfit snacks. Once they have a taste of their faves they will be more open to trying and will start wolfing it. 


We hope that helps your pup start wolfing their healthy dog food like the champs they are!