Why Wolfit?

Discover the power of real food.

You'll be surprised what is considered 'natural' or 'healthy' in dog food!

The pet food market in Australia is alarmingly unregulated and companies are held to shockingly low standards. Dog food can legally contain 4D meat: meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals. Heaps of preservatives are often used to allow food to sit on shelves for months or even years.


Misleading labels mean foods can hide behind labels such as ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ when they are anything but. Food that is labeled ‘with Beef’ need only contain 5% beef.

Right food for puppies
100% Natural food for puppies

You are what you eat. It’s a well-known saying and it applies to dogs too.

We know highly processed, low-quality food is bad for us, so why would it be good for our dogs?

By simply changing what we put in dogs’ bowls, we can have a revolutionary impact on their health — improving everything from digestion and allergies, to energy levels and life span. The power is in our hands.

We love our dogs. We believe dogs deserve better.

That’s why we serve human-grade meals using 95% local Australian ingredients that are grain free and contain no preservatives, additives or other nasties. Let’s give dogs a diet they can thrive on.

That’s why we created Wolfit Box, to deliver quality, fresh food that is guided by vets, backed by science and made with love.

Discover the power of real food.

We use human-grade ingredients that are unmatched in quality and have health standards never before seen in the pet food industry — and the result is fresh food that’s good enough for humans to eat, but that’s nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs.

You don’t need to guess what’s in our food or Google a list of ingredients you need a science degree to understand. You can literally see it, say it, smell it, and even taste it (yes that’s right, we taste them ourselves)!

homemade dog food

What the pups say!