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Why Wolfit?

Make a switch to a healthy diet. They'll thank you.

We love our dogs, just like you do. When we discovered the realities of commercial pet food, we knew we had to change the game. That’s why at Wolfit Box we’re committed to becoming your source of the best dog food delivery in Australia. We provide healthy, balanced, fresh food with real ingredients that fill all the nutritional requirements of your furry companion. It’s backed by science and made with love.

Let’s give dogs a diet they can thrive on!

Paws-itiviely approved by dogs everywhere!

A Natural Diet, Backed By Vets

“I frequently treat dogs suffering from health issues and allergies. The best solution is a high-quality, diverse and complete diet. That’s why I recommend Wolfit Box. My own dogs are my life. They are dog agility champions and muscle gain, weight balance and vitality is crucial. By feeding them Wolfit meals, I’m continually amazed at the results in their muscles, energy and coats.’’

BSc BVMS(hons) CCRT, Perth


Fresh dog food delivery worth barking about!

get the best dog food delivery in Australia!

How To Serve

Raw or Cooked? You Choose!

Wolfit meals can be served raw or gently cooked depending on your dog’s preference. There’s huge health benefits when feeding raw, however gently cooking their meals is a great option for those with sensitive tummies and for fussy dogs. A gently cooked Wolfit meals is simply irresistable!

Serve Raw

Gently Cook

Wolfit Box raw dog food meals

Our Meals

6 healthy recipes for diverse
and complete nutrition

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How it Works

Paws down, the easiest way
to serve up fresh food.

Skip the stores, preservatives and retail markups and opt for fresh dog food delivery from us. Our vet and nutritionist formulated meals provide your pet’s optimum diet, while perfectly timed deliveries make sure you never run out of food again.

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your dog

Choose a box based on your dog's size & enter their details.

We deliver their
healthy meals

We work our magic in the kitchen and proceed with fresh dog food delivery to your doorstep — and for free.

Open, serve and watch them wolfit!

Serve their new healthy meals raw or gently cook them in a few minutes following the instructions on the pack!

Our fresh dog food delivery includes:

Free & Flexible

The option to change, pause or cancel your plan anytime

Free Delivery
Tracking & Alerts

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What the pups say!


Food worth barking about!

What the pups say!