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Dog Food Delivery

Would you like dog food delivery in Geelong, Ballarat and regional Victoria too? Well, great news! We provide free dog food delivery to all of Victoria!

Raw dog food delivery across Melbourne, straight to your doorstep ​

When it comes to dog food delivery in Melbourne, no one does it like Wolfit Box. Brimming with nutrient-dense, vet-approved ingredients, our selection of meals is designed to support your furry friend’s health, so they live a vibrant life filled with energy, play dates, pats and cuddles. Our mission is simple: to deliver happiness and health in every bowl, with a sprinkle of convenience for you.

Whether you opt for one or eight weeks’ worth of raw or cooked meals, our raw dog food delivery across Melbourne ensures your pup reaps the benefits of a healthy meal jam-packed with 100% human-grade ingredients.

Why Wolfit Box is the top dog in Victoria

  • Mealtime, tailored to your pup’s needs 

Whether your dog is a gourmet grazer or a passionate foodie who scoffs his meal in less than 30 seconds, our flexible meal plans cater to every preference and even the fussiest eaters. Choose from ready-to-serve delights for those busy days or opt for our quick-cook meals, ready in just 3 minutes, to add a touch of warmth to your dog’s diet.


From succulent meats to vegetables and antioxidant-rich berries, every meal is free from grains, fillers and the nasty preservatives that allow commercial kibble to sit on the shelf for months at a time.


Each pack is expertly formulated to meet the specific dietary needs of your dog’s breed, containing real meat, vegetables, bone content, fruits, superfoods, prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy, balanced, nutrient-rich diet.


Plus, all ingredients in our raw dog food in Melbourne are brimming with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so you know you’re feeding your pup a wholesome and delicious meal that nourishes their health and well-being.


If you have a fussy eater, or they prefer specific proteins, contact our team and provide your dog’s details, like their age and weight, so we can personalise their meal plan with the best dog food in Melbourne.


  • Formulated by experts, loved by pets


Behind every Wolfit Box meal is a team of veterinarians and nutritionists who ensure our food meets AAFCO standards. This means balanced, complete nutrition in every bite, supporting your dog’s health from nose to tail.


  • Unrivalled freshness 


We believe that fresh means fresh. Our meals are prepared hygienically, with no room for preservatives, additives or hidden nasties that can have adverse side effects. This commitment guarantees your furry friend enjoys the freshest, safest meals, day in and day out.

Sign up for our dog food subscription in Melbourne and watch their tails wag with every bite

We know that your pup is so much more than a pet; they’re family — that’s why we’re dedicated to providing meals that nourish, delight and contribute to a happy, healthy life. Whether you’re based in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo, we’re proud to bring our dog food delivery services to every corner of Melbourne and straight to your pup’s bowl. Sign up for our dog food subscription in Melbourne today and let us help you boost your pup’s nutrition so you can enjoy more precious moments together. With Wolfit, mealtime is always a healthy feast!