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Organic Lamb Bone Broth For Dogs

Buffy’s Organic Lamb Bone Broth helps boost the immune system, relieves joint pain and arthritis, improves coat quality and can be used to treat leaky gut among many other benefits. Rich in gelatines, vitamins and minerals, it comes in dehydrated form and can be sprinkled on meals as a delicious meal topper or can be added to cold or warm water to make a delicious drink! Buffy's Lamb Broth is an all natural, human-grade, organic bone broth made with love and nourishment.

Healthy Dog Food for Joint Health
Healthy Dog Food for Good Digestion
Healthy Dog Food for Skin and Coat
Anti inflammatory dog food
Healthy Dog Food for Strong Bones

$22.95 | 100g


Organic Lamb Bone Broth For Dogs Ingredients:

  • Filtered water
  • Organic grass fed lamb bones
  • Organic apple cider vinegar.

How To Serve

To Rehydrate: add 1 tsp to 100ml boiling water and allow to cool. Please note there will be sediment after rehydration as bone matter has been included to boost nutritional value

As A Meal Topper: serve in powdered form as a meal topper by sprinkling on the meal at serving time.

** Best served as a meal topper

Serving Size:

Dogs up to 10kg: 1 tsp per day
Dogs 10-30kg: 2 tsp per day
Dogs 30-50kg: 3 tsp per day
Dogs over 50kg: 4 tsp per day

NOTE: as this is a pure food, you will not harm your dog by giving more broth than the recommended daily dose.


Buffy's Lamb Bone Broth is an all natural organic bone broth cooked with love and nourishment. We want the best for all pets. We believe that all natural, holistic, and organic pet foods can help pets live healthy lives, aiding comfort through common ailments in allergies, joint pains and arthritis, coat quality, and overall wellbeing.
Known for its healing qualities, lamb bone broth can be used to treat a leaky gut, boost the immune system and to relieve joint pain. Rich in gelatines, vitamins and minerals, it's the perfect meal boost, and due to its dehydrated form, can simply be sprinkled on meals to add a little bit of something special!

  • Improve joint and bone health
  • Reduce in joint pain and inflammation
  • Healthier fur, skin and teeth
  • Increase muscle development
  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Immune boosting
  • Powder form for maximum nutrient density
  • 100% Human-grade product
  • 100% Australian ingredients
  • Serve warm, cold or as a powdered meal topper
  • Ideal for older dogs, dogs recovering from illness or dogs who need a little encouragement to eat
  • Helps to build young bones and muscles in puppies
  • Rehydrate dried foods or mix through wet

*This product is human-grade however, it has been developed with pet nutrition in mind and is not recommended for human consumption.