Wolfit Treats

Exclusive to the Wolfit Pack!

Is an old dog learning new tricks?

Is your puppy finally doing their bizness in the right spot?

Are you tired of giving up your Cheezels?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Treat them with a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack. See our premium range of treats below. Exclusive to members of the Wolfit Pack.

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Your pup's treats will be included in your next Wolfit Box.

Yummy Roo Bites

Dehydrated kangaroo jerky in small pieces

$19.00 | 150g

Teaching your pup a few new tricks? Yummy Roo Bites are the perfect training treat. Both healthy and delicious, they’re packed full of antioxidants and low in fat. Treat time doesn’t have to push the scales! Kangaroo is hypoallergenic and ideal for pups with allergies. The small bite-sized pieces are great for smaller dogs too. 

Tasty Roo Jerky

Dehydrated kangaroo jerky in strips

$17.00 | 150g

Mouth-watering kangaroo jerky is an ever popular addition to a healthy pup’s pantry. Sourced from kangaroo’s who graze on natural outback flora, it’s packed with antioxidants, linoleic acid, iron, zinc, vitamins and is low in fat. It’s hypoallergenic too and is a great option for dogs with allergies.

Great Goat Goodies

Dehydrated goat liver, heart and lungs

$16.00 | 100g

Goodness gracious! These delicious bites are filled to the brim with goodness. Made from goat liver, heart and lungs, these are nature’s multivitamins for dogs. Containing Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that supports digestion and reproductive organs; Vitamin D, important for immune function and fights against cancer; folic acid for nerve health, plus iron, zinc and copper.

Crispy Rabbit Ears

Dehydrated rabbit ears

$16.00 | 12 Pieces

Pups love these natural, crispy snacks which have heaps of health benefits! The ear fur acts as a fibre aids digestive health and is a natural protection against worms. The fur also helps to improve dental health as it rubs off surface plaque on teeth and gums. Tasty, healthy and natural, just how it should be!

Chompin’ Chook Snacks

Dehydrated chicken breast

$16.50 | 115g

Made from 100% Australian human-grade chicken breast, these super-tasty pup favourites are an amazing natural protein source and low in fat too. They’re great for all kinds of dogs and a brilliant treat. But beware: they’re super tasty so they may come begging for more!

Whitebait Wonder Bites

100% Australian whitebait

$16.00 | 100g

These 100% WA sourced whitebait are awesome and delicious bites that are packed full of protein, Omega-3s, Vitamin D and B12, helping to boost your pup’s immune system and promote joint, skin and coat health. Feed as a healthy treat or sprinkle on top of your dog’s meal for an extra boost.

Green Lipped Mussel Munchies

Dehydrated green-lipped mussels sourced from New Zealand

$17.50 | 100g

These delicious little superfood morsels are packed with goodness. They’re also nature’s own incredible supplement for joint health. They contain natural chrondritin, glucosamine, antioxidants and essential Omega-3s and 6s. They’re great for maintaining joint health, providing a soft and sleek coat and healthy skin. That shiny coat is going to be the envy of the dog park!

Terrific Goat Tripe Bites

Dehydrated goat tripe

$16.00 | 100g

Tripe is a no-brainer when it comes to providing an amazing natural superfood for your pup. It’s packed full of natural digestive enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids and probiotics. The enzymes not only aid digestion but have a beneficial effect on teeth also. Sourced from goat, the bites are low allergy too.

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