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Delish' Fish

with Lamb + Alfalfa

Reel in the benefits of this fin-tastic recipe! This super healthy, human-grade Australian sardine and lamb meal is jam-packed with nutrients, including heaps of omega-3s and 6s. Made with human-grade sardines caught off the WA coast, Australian lamb, seasonal vegetables, berries, seeds and superfood blend featuring alfalfa plus a hint of parsley. This fish dog food is great for long-term joint health and promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.


Nutritionist-formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for all life stages.

A healthy delish Fish

Sardines, lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, seasonal veg (bok choy, broccoli, butternut pumpkin, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower kale, pumpkin, red cabbage spinach), blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, kelp powder, alfalfa, rosehip powder, rosemary, parsley, wheatgrass powder, sea salt, Calsea powder, vitamin premix, prebiotic and probiotic mix, rice bran oil, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, psyllium husk.

Nutritional Information
Delish’ Fish
Avg. per 100g
409 kJ
– sugars
Ca : P ratio
Serving Instructions

Storage: Keep your fish dog food frozen to lock in freshness. Thaw it out in the fridge overnight as needed. Once it’s defrosted, serve it within 1-2 days for maximum yumminess.


To serve raw: Simply defrost your fish dog food in the fridge overnight. Once it’s thawed, open up the bag and serve it up. Get ready for some happy tail wags!

To gently cook:
1. Fill a pan with water and warm it up on a low setting.
2. Pop the defrosted, still-sealed bag of our fish dog food recipe into the pan.
3. Simmer gently for 3-5 minutes — just enough to get it warm.
4. Carefully remove the bag from the pan.
5. Open, serve and watch them wolfit!

Delish Fish Rosehip + Alfalfa Recipes


Why are sardines a superfood for dogs?

Looking to add a splash of superpower to your pup’s diet? Look no further than sardines in our fish dog food! These little fishies are like health nuggets for your dog. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, they’re basically the secret sauce for a dog’s coat — we’re talking next-level shine and softness that’s sure to turn heads at the dog park. But that’s not all! These omega-3s also double as inflammation fighters, giving those joints a break and ensuring your pup stays as nimble as a squirrel on a caffeine kick. And guess what? Sardines aren’t just about the glam; they bring the muscle too! With a protein punch, they help keep those doggy muscles in tip-top shape. And did someone say “bone health”? Yup, sardines deliver with a side of vitamins and minerals that make sure those bones stay as strong as your dog’s desire for treats.

Is alfalfa a superfood for dogs too?

Absolutely! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, alfalfa is like a health boost wrapped in a leafy package, making it a standout ingredient in our fish dog food. Got a pup with tummy rumbles? Alfalfa’s fibre is here to save the day, keeping things moving smoothly on the digestion front. But that’s not all — it’s like nature’s toothbrush too! It contains chlorophyll that’s fresher than a puppy’s morning breath, it’s a breath of relief for your dog’s oral hygiene. And don’t even get us started on the calcium and phosphorus tag team — they’re here to build bones and teeth that are tougher than a chew toy. Got a senior dog with creaky joints? Alfalfa’s anti-inflammatory properties might just put a little extra bounce in their step as it helps to fight arthritis. So go ahead, sprinkle some alfalfa magic in their life!

Delish’ Fish — dog food with a sea of nutrients
in every bite

Cast a line into the nutritional sea of Delish’ Fish dog food recipe, where every ingredient is a catch worth bragging about. The seasonal vegetables and superfoods — including bok choy, broccoli and alfalfa — are rich in vitamins and minerals to bolster immune function and aid in digestion. These veggies ensure that your dog’s meal is as colourful in nutrients as it is in flavour, supporting their overall well-being and vitality.


The humble sardine, featured in our fish dog food wet recipe, may be a small fish but it has a gigantic nutritional profile. Sardines are densely packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, casting a shiny, silky coat and supporting brain health. But the benefits don’t end with just a fabulous exterior; these fatty acids are also renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties, providing relief to joints and keeping your dog agile and active for a long, happy and healthy life.

Set sail for healthier horizons with Delish’ Fish at Wolfit

Dive into a sea of flavour and nutrition with our Delish’ Fish dog food wet recipe. Each serving, whether enjoyed raw or gently cooked , provides a wave of wholesome ingredients that keep tails wagging, from the appetising aroma to the very last bite. Place your order with Wolfit today and pack your dog’s meals with the nourishing treasures of the sea!


For more details or to place your order, feel free to drop us a line.

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What the pups say!


Food worth barking about!

Hi guys - I’d like to share my experience with you after using Wolfit dog food. I deliberated for ages about whether to buy this – I’ve bred and shown dogs and cats for many years, and have always been super conscious of dietary requirements in all stages of an animal’s life. I prepared my own fresh food daily for years rather than use commercial food.I finally decided to order some. It looked to be of a very high standard. The next day, after placing the order (and obviously before it had even arrived), my bulldog was admitted into VSOS with a serious life threatening condition. She was under 24 hour supervision for four days .When she was finally able to be discharged, she had lost a great deal of condition (which was only to be expected), was depressed, lethargic and disinterested in everything. I offered her several small meals a day, giving her what she was accustomed to eating. I can’t say that she showed any enthusiasm about it.On the second day, I remembered the food that had been delivered by Wolfit and offered her some. Her reaction was unbelievable. She demolished it in a heartbeat, scraping up every last shred she thought she found in the bowl or on the floor. I would never have believed that if I hadn't actually seen it for myself. I'm still amazed by it. Anyway, we never looked back. I feed this food daily now. She looks unbelievable. Her condition/weight improved very rapidly, her coat is glossy, her poos have never been better, and she’s bright, happy and very obviously healthy. I do add raw chicken necks/other raw bones every couple of days though.Nikki went back to the specialist 2 weeks after her discharge for blood tests/check up. He was shocked at the difference in her and how fantastic she looked. He said to me ‘I can’t believe it. She’s bright, healthy, happy and talking to us all’. And he was right.I never really leave reviews unless something is outstanding. I wouldn't have left 5 in my life. But this certainly deserved one. I don't know if it's of any use to anyone, but I'd like to think that somebody else saw this and benefitted from my own experience.Personally, I couldn't recommend this company highly enough.I'd like to give them a public thank you. And even that's not enough to express my gratitude.Guys - you should change the name to 'Miracle Dog Food' or something.Best regards - Gail
Gail Mitchell
Gail Mitchell
Awesome product. Our pup absolutely loves it!
Zander Cross
Zander Cross
Wolfit Dog Food has been wonderful for my fur-babies. My 2 little dogs love their meal times. They seem more satisfied and happy. Shipping from WA to QLD is no easy feat. The food arrives well packed and intact. I highly recommend this food for all dogs 🐶. It’s so easy, raw or cooked. My babies have never been happier. Thanks 🙏 so much Woof.
Donna jones
Donna jones
I saw this product on the Gordon Ramsay’s Food Star’s show.I’ve tried my fur babies on so many different varieties of dog food to try & resolve the issues they had but nothing has previously been a good fit for them both.So I thought I would give Wolfit a try & Im so glad I did. This is a remarkable product which has solved several issue they had. My girls are 9 & 10 years old. I wish I had heard of it sooner. I recommend it highly.Thank you Dan & team.JoPhoto of my girls Missy & Rosie attached.
Joanne Senn
Joanne Senn
We normally cook for our dogs, but it would be the same meal every night!Wolfit provides a huge variety of meals that’s portioned. No fillers or grains, I know they are eating the best food.. I’ve saved time cooking and the dogs LOVE IT!!
Angela Mihok
Angela Mihok
In less than a week of transitioning my Cavoodle (Belle) to Wolfit's half meals, I've already upgraded to full meals. She's become quite the discerning eater, turning her nose up at other options; it seems Wolfit is now the only food she deems worthy. Historically, she's been a challenging eater, showing little enthusiasm for meals. However, with Wolfit, mealtime excitement is palpable. Just before my initial order arrived, concerns arose about a potential chicken allergy, her former favorite. Promptly contacting Wolfit, I was pleasantly surprised by their immediate response and their ability to accommodate last-minute changes. Their exceptional customer service truly impressed me. I'm eagerly anticipating Belle's improved health in the months to come. Thank you, Wolfit, for not only providing great food but also for your outstanding service and the convenience of subscription home delivery. Bravo!
The team at Wolfit donated two big boxes of food for our foster puppies. Not only are they incredibly kind and generous and really love dogs, but our own dog was so jealous scratching on the door we had to make him a Wolfit Meal as well to not miss out. They are so easy to store and serve and the slow feeding mat and spatula in the box were a great surprise! Absolutely love it and will definitely order for our own dog as well.
Sina Popina
Sina Popina
Can’t speak highly enough about Wolfit!!Fantastic, fresh ingredients and our dog absolutely loves it. He’s normally quite fussy but cannot wait for his meals now. We purchased a mixed box of flavours which have all gone down really well and plan to do the same for future orders.We’ve tried a couple of other subscription dog food services but this is honestly great value and of the highest quality.We’re located in QLD and getting here from WA was no issue at all. Perfectly packaged and we were kept well informed from dispatch to delivery.Will not go back to anything else now!
Just an amazing product. Our spoodle Daisy is an elderly dog with fussy tastes until trying Wolfit. Amazingly has given her a new spring in her step. Thanks to Dan and the team for this awesome range of natural ingredients for our furry members of the family.
Moon Man
Moon Man
The only review I've ever wanted to give a detailed essay raving about how much I love this company.My big boy loves the food, he has always had a sensitive stomach but I get the fish, chicken, lamb and kangaroo meals for him and he has never had a problem. He gets so excited for dinner times now with little tippy taps of his feet and a wagging tail.They let me know the time and day my order will arrive, kept frozen with an insulator and ice packs and I love that the ice packs are returned and re-used. The subscription makes it so easy as well.Absolutely worth it!
Amanda Welch
Amanda Welch
Our dog, Monty, had major allergies and a fungal skin condition that we couldn't clear up but three months after starting him on Wolfit Box his skin has cleared up and he no longer needs medication!! Amazing stuff! Thanks guys!
Scout, just loving wolfit, waiting for next delivery, so exciting!!
Rosie loves her Wolfit meals and I love the fact that I'm giving her variety. I wouldn't feed her anything else now with the raw meals apart from raw bones. People comment on her shiny healthy coat all the time
Barb Wood
Barb Wood
I just love Wolfit, so convient ,Molly is (a fussy eater and also has a sensitive stomach ) just loves the fresh food ,
Convenient home delivery & a variety of different raw blends. My dog has been on wolfit for over 12months, they always love the crispy rabbit ears & the goat goodies.
Lauren Roberts
Lauren Roberts
Sam loves wolfit. Just likes the name says he wolf's it down. Very happy with the meals and the way there packed. The delivery service is excellent as well and I think it's very well priced. Makes feeding your best friend a healthy diet very easy.
Adam Ferguson
Adam Ferguson
Wolfit has improved and maintained my dogs healthy coat and skin! It is really easy to order and comes in frozen packets easy to store in the freezer.
Lisa L
Lisa L
Bear loves his Wolfit! The first night we offered it to him for dinner he positively inhaled it. Like, I hadn’t even finished wishing him bon appetit after gently placing his bowl in front of him like the servant I am and he was already done, staring at me with his little piglet eyes, licking his chops clean - it was like something out of Oliver Twist; “please sir, may I have some more”.I love Wolfit because it is super convenient having a month’s supply delivered straight to your door; no having to stock up on chilled pet foods at the supermarket every few days, if you are lucky enough to even find any in stock that is. Price-wise it comes out pretty similar to the fresh diet we were feeding him before but Wolfit is way more nutritionally comprehensive and better for him. Bear has adapted to the new diet well, no issues or tummy troubles at all.
Service is fantastic and the food is very healthy. My dog have always been on a raw diet prepared myself and since I switched to Wolfit Box the quality has remain the same ( or even better I would say) and the hassle of preparing food and spend 3h prepping everything is now gone and can enjoy time with family. The package is ready to be frozen and I just need to take the portion for the day a couple of hours before feeding time. Very handy.For me in term of cost is actually cheaper compare to previous raw food supplier. I do have two dogs (golden retriever) and I am saving few bucks over the long run.
Carmelo Tilaro
Carmelo Tilaro
Love wolfit box, as does my boy! So much more energy, shinier coat and better pops.
Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose