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Dog Food Delivery
New South Wales

Kick mealtime stress to the curb with our easy, reliable and fresh dog food delivery in Sydney. Join the Wolfit pack and get healthy dog food delivered straight to your doorstep!

Would you like dog food delivery in Newcastle and regional New South Wales too? Well, great news! We provide free dog food delivery to all of New South Wales!

Hassle-free dog food delivery service in Sydney, New South Wales

Are you a busy paw parent who is meticulous about what your dog eats? Worry no more! Our dog food subscription service is the solution to your time constraints. No more fussing over meals when you can simply wait for fresh dog food delivery to your Sydney address. 


We offer subscription meal plans for doggos of all ages, from young pups (0-4 months) to senior dogs (11 years and up) and tiny breeds (2-4 kg) to giant dogs (77-99 kg). Choose from one to eight weeks of full meals or half meals — or sample our Starter Box! 


Choose from one of our three box options: 


  • Full Bowl Plan: 100% of your dog’s daily nutrition. 
  • Half Bowl Plan: 50% of your dog’s daily nutrition. 
  • Starter Box: 50% to 100% of your dog’s nutrition for 1 or 2 weeks. 


The best part? Our dog food delivery service in Sydney, New South Wales comes with free delivery on all orders — even Starter Boxes! Plus, we’ll send you free tracking and SMS alerts to let you know that your Wolfit Box is on its way. 

Customised and nutritious delights for your pooch

Treat your furry friend to fresh, raw dog food delivery in Sydney! All our meals are made from fresh, raw, human-grade ingredients that are good enough for you to eat! Made with local Australian meats, offal, vegetables, bone content, berries and an array of superfoods plus a probiotic pre-mix that’s amazing for their gut health and long-term wellbeing. We’ll deliver the meals fast-frozen to preserve optimal nutrition and flavour, but rest assured they are preservative-free and additive-free.


You can even customise your dog’s box to suit their allergy preferences by selecting whichever of our six healthy recipes you’d like for them; Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Fish, Kangaroo and Turkey. We know you want what’s best for your pup — and so do we!


With our dog food delivery service in Sydney, New South Wales, you can bid farewell to low-quality, filler-filled kibble that only feeds your pup but doesn’t satisfy their nutritional needs. Our vet and nutritionist-formulated meals exceed industry standards in nutrition (AAFCO) and meet the highest standards of quality. And here’s another benefit to getting our fresh dog food delivery in Sydney ready for your pet’s consumption: our six healthy recipes provide a rotational diet to ensure your furry friend gets a diverse and nutritious diet that’s full of variety and flavour!

Try our seamless bowl-to-doorstep ordering service — sign up for Wolfit Box!

Give your dog the healthy, natural diet they deserve with our fresh dog food delivery in Sydney! With a few taps on your computer, you can sign up for a pet meal subscription service that your dog will absolutely thrive on and love to eat. Choose between a full bowl plan and a half bowl plan, or sample one of our Starter Boxes if you’re unsure of what your dog likes. All meals are frozen and ready to eat. Simply defrost them and serve as is, or gently cook them in 3-5 minutes following the instructions on the pack — that’s the beauty of our raw dog food delivery in Sydney! Sign up today and receive your first Wolfit Box in no time.


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