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Frequently Asked Questions

Your box will contain our vet recommended meal plan featuring five healthy recipes for a diverse, rotational diet that provides complete and balanced nutrition. If your dog has certain protein allergies you can select to exclude those meals during the order process.

Puppies (dogs less than 12 months old) are in a stage of rapid growth and development and therefore require more food than adult dogs comparative to their size. Use the table below to find out how much food your pup needs per day. As they grow older, you may need to change their box size.

Have more that one dog in your house? Combine them on the same box and save up to 40%! For example, if you have 2 x 10kg dogs, select a box for a 20kg dog and split the meals between them.

A full bowl plan provides 100% of your pup’s daily nutritional needs. A half bowl plan provides 50% of their daily needs (half bowl plans are available for certain box sizes only).

Half bowl plans are great for pet parents who are first transitioning their dog to their new fresh diet or those who would like to try it out whilst still able to serve their old food

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