About Wolfit

We’ve reimagined dog food and put real food back in.

Our Mantra

If it’s not good enough for those on two legs, it’s not good enough for those on four. It’s our mission to help pet parents discover the power of real food for their pup.

It started with a puppy...

When our girl Tarla first arrived home, it was instant puppy love. We were determined to feed her the best food possible, for a long, happy and healthy life.

However, as we researched food options for her, we made a shocking discovery: many commercial pet foods were substandard and causing dogs harm.

Foods on supermarket shelves labeled as ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ were actually fuelling the epidemic dogs are facing in obesity, disease and allergies. We were determined to do better for our pup.


We started making complete and balanced homemade meals using ingredients that we could eat. Tarla loved them from the start. We wondered how many other pet parents would be looking for the same quality food for their pup? And that’s how Wolfit Box was born.

balanced food for puppies
food for puppies

Our Mission

Wolfit Box means human-grade ingredients that are good enough for you to eat.

It means using locally sourced ingredients so you know where their food comes from.

It means meals that are free from grains, fillers and the heaps of preservatives that allow commercial foods to sit on the shelf for months at a time.

It means cutting out the middlemen and delivering your pup’s meals direct to you. That means more money to invest in high-quality ingredients.

It means being safe in the knowledge you’re giving them the best, so you can get on doing the things you love with them (did someone say beach trip?).

"We hope that you’ll join us on our mission. Let’s give dogs a diet they can thrive on".

Dan & Maria

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